Sustainable Design

GEA Consulting Engineers has extensive experience with high-performance sustainable buildings, including high-end and market-rate residential, commercial, retail and community spaces. Our portfolio includes work on over 18 properties and nearly 1.3 million square feet of residential space in the New York City region, including Homeport Staten Island, one of the largest residential constructions on the East Coast. GEA achieved LEED Silver certification at 345 West 14th Street, a luxury high-rise in the Meatpacking District, which reached record sales numbers for the location. We were also able to achieve LEED Silver at Broadway Plaza, a retail site in the Bronx that had been slated for LEED Certified; Silver certification was accomplished at no extra cost to building ownership. Our work at Washington Square Park enabled the site to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Solar Carve, a commercial site on 10th Avenue, will be LEED Gold and Wired Score certified. We are currently working with DDG Developers on five different residential buildings in Manhattan, in addition to residential, commercial and retail sites in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island. We currently have several LEED APs in our office, and most of our projects are anticipated to be LEED Silver.

GEA is currently working on a Passive House building in New York City, 200 East 21st Street. This 20 story luxury high-rise residential building will incorporate high-performing windows and opaque envelope, including window overhangs that will shield the building from excessive solar heat gain. GEA is also designing a super-efficient heat recovery system for the building, using VRF and energy recovery technology. This, combined with the lower heating and cooling loads, will make this among the first passive house structures in the New York City.

Currently, GEA has three separate buildings undergoing EPA Energy Star certification. This is an intensive process that focuses heavily on construction standards, including air leakage rates, high-performing fenestration and additional testing and verification. Two of these buildings are in line to receive NYSERDA MPP funding based on the Energy Star standards. In addition to LEED, Energy Star and Passive House, GEA also has projects that are pursuing Enterprise Green Communities, Green Globes and other certifications.