Corporate Culture

GEA Consulting Engineers fosters an amazing office culture. We work hard, but we also take advantage of every opportunity to experience and enjoy our time together. At GEA, we believe we are a great place to work because we believe in creating an environment where our staff wants to come to every day. As a growing operation with a small firm mentality, we are able to offer diversity in projects, while maintaining accessibility to leadership, which is important in building new leaders.

Working at GEA Consulting Engineers is a uniquely rewarding experience. In addition to our benefits package, including Health, Dental and Life insurance, 401K and Transit Check participation, our staff enjoys other perks. Among these are performance incentives, staff outings, fitness initiatives, a winter break and learning opportunities, through mentoring and lunch seminars. As an ever expanding firm, employees have, and are encouraged to take advantage of growth opportunities, helping them to become influential members of the firm and the MEP Engineering industry.