Save Money With The New York State Clean Heat Program

Clean Heat Incentive (CHI) is a program designed to incentivize the transition from fossil fuels to energy sources with a lower environmental impact, such as electric heating.  The program promotes the use of clean heat technologies in efforts to reduce emissions from building heating systems and is a 5 year program that runs through 2025.  Heat pump split systems, variant refrigerant flow (VRF), air source heat pumps (ASHP), ground source heat pumps (GSHP) are all acceptable technologies to qualify for the program.  Note: demolition and equipment selection cannot begin until after the application process has been completed and approved!

There are different compliance paths for this program that are based on the load sizing of the building.  Each path is performance-based and the incentives are based on NYS energy code, as verified through an energy model to prove savings.  For example, a 16-story building with a square footage of 162,000 with a basis of design built on VRF technology is anticipating combined savings of $30-75K when factoring building performance and rebates.  This initiative is compatible with both new construction and major renovation projects, and with the NYC Local Law 97 step-down compliance schedule, projects designed with clean heat will be able to maintain compliance.


Required Documentation for Submission:

  • Application
  • Scope of work and cost proposal
  • Narrative for category 4
  • Mechanical floorplans and schedules
  • Pre/Post inspection photos
  • AHRI certificates
  • Load calculations
  • HP spreadsheet
  • Energy Model/Energy savings calculation















Compliance paths are changing.  Check back for pending updates!