Juggling technical and administrative responsibilities

May 6, 2008
Like most people, I struggle to juggle the various aspects of my life. I am not talking about family, friends, social activities or anything outside of work. I refer instead to my responsibilities as the managing partner of our firm. In that role, I have to juggle my administrative duties with my technical and managerial responsibilities.

As a relatively young manager and as one with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who feels like it was only yesterday that I was in my attic, I have found delegating certain administrative duties a slow and difficult process.

After all, don't entrepreneurs do everything themselves? It's the old chief cook and bottle washer mentality that I have had to overcome. Thankfully, I have a lot of help that I can rely upon. My office staff is wonderful and support my activities while enhancing our office morale. My partners share the psychological weight of my administrative duties although not all of the actual time spent on them.