St Barnabas Bldg B, Bronx, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS:  4439 Third Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  L+M Development and Hornig Capital Partners
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  Dattner Architects

Project Key Features

GEA provided MEP and Fire Protection services for the St. Barnabas Apartments (North & South), pivotal additions to the former St. Barnabas Hospital site. Comprising two towers, these affordable housing complexes feature a total of 314 rental units, contributing to a revitalized community landscape. Spanning 450,000 square feet, the development incorporates residential recreational spaces and ground-level commercial facilities.

In a significant lease agreement, St. Barnabas Hospital secured 57,000 square feet of medical space within the development. This space now hosts an ambulatory care center, primary care offices, and a wellness center, enhancing the local healthcare infrastructure. Overcoming construction challenges, including the integration of multiple towers with a centralized heating system and balancing various service zones, GEA ensured optimal functionality and efficiency.

Coordination of HVAC and plumbing systems for diverse retail and commercial tenants was paramount. GEA meticulously managed the integration of these systems, along with servicing meters, to guarantee seamless operation and occupant comfort. Through diligent planning and execution, GEA contributed to the successful realization of this multifaceted development, fostering a vibrant and sustainable community environment.