SLS Hotel, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS: 444 Park Avenue South, New York, NY
OWNER/DEVELOPER: Moin Development Corp. & sbe Entertainment Group
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Nobutaka Ashihara Architect

Project Key Features

Completed in 2013, the transformation of an existing office building into a 20-story luxury hotel at the intersection of 30th Street and Park Avenue South marked a significant architectural achievement. With a total of 190 rooms and a rooftop bar, the project involved extensive renovations and structural additions to adapt the space for hospitality purposes. Notably, sbe’s renowned restaurant and nightlife concepts were seamlessly integrated into both the lobby and rooftop areas, enhancing the overall guest experience.

During the renovation process, careful attention was paid to ensure that the hotel’s infrastructure met the demands of modern hospitality standards. This included the installation of state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and communication systems throughout the building. Additionally, the design and implementation of fire protection and life safety features, such as fire alarm and sprinkler systems, were meticulously executed to ensure the safety of guests and staff.

As the project neared completion, meticulous efforts were made to ensure the seamless integration of the hotel’s amenities and facilities. From the lobby restaurant to the rooftop bar, each space was thoughtfully designed to offer guests a comfortable and enjoyable stay. With its successful transformation into a luxury hotel, the building stood as a testament to the collaborative efforts of architects, engineers, and construction professionals who brought the vision to life.