Project Details

ADDRESS:  430 Main Street, NYC
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Related Companies
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  Handel Architects

Project Key Features

The project involves the construction of a new 28-story, 290,000 gsf rental building with approximately 364 rental units on Lot 10 of Roosevelt Island, designated as Building 9 of the Riverwalk Development. This market-rate rental building will feature a comprehensive amenity program, catering to modern residential needs.

GEA’s scope includes the full mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEP/FP) fit-out for the residential areas and all tenant amenities, such as the lobby, lounges, gym, laundry rooms, party rooms, mail rooms, and package rooms. Additionally, the design adheres to the NYC Department of Buildings regulations and the design guidelines set by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). The commercial areas or any retail spaces within the building will receive a “warm dark shell” design, preparing them for future tenant-specific fit-outs.

The “warm dark shell” design prepares commercial and retail spaces for future tenant-specific fit-outs by providing essential infrastructure. This includes ductwork and piping stubs for HVAC, provisions for future outside air and exhaust systems, piping stubs for plumbing, and major electrical distribution with conduit and main electrical panels. It also covers future Fire Alarm infrastructure, metering provisions for electric, gas, and water, and sub-metering for HVAC energy consumption. Additionally, it ensures minimum sprinkler head distribution and all necessary plumbing connections and exhaust systems for bathrooms to achieve a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO). The design also includes heating to maintain spaces above freezing, compliance with Fire Alarm code requirements for FDNY approvals, and, if required, power for temporary lighting during the design phase.

The project aims to comply with Related’s sustainability standards and seeks USGBC LEED Silver/Gold Certification. GEA is prepared to provide additional services such as energy modeling and commissioning to support these sustainability goals, with a detailed scope and associated fees available upon request.