Nike Headquarters and Flagship Store, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS:  529 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Aurora Capital Associates

Project Key Features

The project entails the comprehensive tenant fit-out (TFO) of a new ±60,000 sf multi-level building space situated at the specified location. The design specifications will adhere to Nike’s Construction Exhibits, design criteria manuals, and relevant store prototypes, as well as comply with Nike’s lease terms and the landlord’s work letter.

Key features of the building, as reflected in the provided sources, include the architectural design and layout showcased at 529 Broadway. This building, with its historical significance and modern renovation, offers a blend of classic charm and contemporary functionality. Architect Magazine’s project gallery provides insights into the building’s aesthetic appeal, highlighting its distinctive facade and interior elements.

Additionally, the project draws inspiration from the work of the architectural firm BKSK Architects, which has contributed to the design and development of 529 Broadway. BKSK’s portfolio showcases their expertise in creating innovative and sustainable architectural solutions. Their work on the project reflects a commitment to excellence in design and attention to detail, which will be integral to the successful execution of the tenant fit-out for Nike’s space.