Minnewaska State Park Comfort Station, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS:  Minnewaska State Park, Gardiner, NY 12525
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Open Space Institute Land Trust, Inc

Project Key Features

GEA provided full-spectrum MEP and Fire Protection (FP) services for the new Visitor Center at Minnewaska State Park Preserve in New York. The building, approximately 6,000 square feet, was designed to introduce visitors and students to the park while serving as a home for its caretakers. The Center was conceived as an experiential extension of the park, integrating quietly with the natural environment and reflecting the beauty of the surroundings, enlivened by seasonal and daily changes.

The architectural vision for the Center was to act as a gateway to the park, essentially functioning as the initial path or trailhead for visitors. The design aimed to create a space where visitors could orient themselves, gather information about the park’s offerings, and begin their outdoor adventures. The building’s layout and features were meticulously planned to facilitate this seamless transition from built environment to nature, enhancing the visitor experience from the moment they arrived.

Overall, the Visitor Center not only fulfilled practical purposes but also embodied the spirit of Minnewaska State Park Preserve. It provided a welcoming and informative starting point for exploring the park’s diverse natural landscapes, with GEA’s MEP and FP design ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for all visitors.