MA’s Offices, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS:  60 Broad St 32nd floor, New York, NY 10004

Project Key Features

The project entailed the mechanical, plumbing, sprinkler, fire alarm, and electrical fitout of the Morris Adjmi Architects (MA) office at the specified address. Primarily focused on the renovation of the 31st floor, the scope also included connecting with the floor above, which is currently occupied by MA. This connection necessitated opening up the slab and adding a stairway, which involved removing a printer room and two “phone booth” closets. The new floor area on the 31st floor encompassed approximately 3,950 square feet.

GEA’s role in the project involved designing and implementing the MEP systems to meet the specific needs of MA’s office space. This included designing the mechanical systems to ensure optimal temperature control and ventilation, plumbing systems for efficient water distribution and drainage, and sprinkler and fire alarm systems to enhance safety measures. Additionally, GEA provided electrical fitout services to support lighting, power distribution, and other electrical requirements tailored to MA’s operational needs.

Through close coordination with MA and other project stakeholders, GEA successfully executed the fitout of the office space while minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations. By integrating innovative engineering solutions and adhering to industry standards and regulations, GEA ensured that the MEP systems met the functional and safety requirements of MA’s office, contributing to the creation of a comfortable and productive work environment.