Marriot Hotel, 461 W 34th St, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS: 461 West 34th Street, New York, NY

Project Key Features

Nestled in the bustling heart of Midtown Manhattan, this expansive hotel project spans an impressive 213,000 square feet and soars skyward across 28 stories, offering a total of 300 keys to discerning guests. Beyond its opulent accommodations, the building is thoughtfully outfitted with a wealth of amenities designed to elevate the guest experience. Among these are a fully equipped fitness center, versatile meeting rooms ideal for corporate gatherings or social events, and a selection of diverse restaurants to cater to varying culinary preferences. Notably, a two-story dining hall serves as a focal point, providing an inviting space for communal dining experiences and special events.

Underpinning the hotel’s operational efficiency and guest comfort is its advanced mechanical systems infrastructure. At its core lies a state-of-the-art central plant engineered to support a sophisticated four-pipe system, ensuring precise control over both heating and cooling throughout the premises. Noteworthy features of this system include two gas-fired absorption chiller/heaters, which seamlessly transition between heating and cooling modes as needed, optimizing energy utilization and minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, the inclusion of domestic hot water heaters equipped with condensing technology underscores a commitment to energy-efficient practices, harnessing waste heat to enhance overall system efficiency.

Recognizing the imperative of sustainability in modern construction practices, the project aims to achieve significant energy savings, thereby qualifying for incentives from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Through meticulous design and implementation of energy-saving measures, including the incorporation of cutting-edge energy recovery systems for ventilation in all guestrooms, the hotel seeks to not only reduce its environmental footprint but also capitalize on incentives that reward eco-conscious initiatives. This dual commitment to operational excellence and environmental stewardship positions the hotel as a beacon of innovation in the hospitality landscape of Midtown Manhattan.