Marriot Hotel, Long Island City, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS: 2923 40th Road, Long Island City, NY
OWNER/DEVELOPER: 40th Road Fairfield Inn

Project Key Features

The project consists of comprehensive design services encompassing all-new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, life safety (including fire alarm and sprinkler system design), and communications systems for a new 10-story Marriott Hotel. With an estimated 130 keys and spanning approximately 62,774 gross square feet, the hotel represents a significant addition to the hospitality landscape. This entails meticulous planning and coordination to ensure seamless integration of essential infrastructure elements that meet the highest standards of safety, functionality, and guest comfort.

Central to the project is the full MEP fit-out of various amenity areas within the hotel, each meticulously designed to enhance guest experience and operational efficiency. These include the welcoming lobby, where first impressions are formed, as well as the breakfast room and buffet, essential for providing nourishment to guests. Additionally, the lounge and business area serve as versatile spaces for relaxation and productivity, while the exercise room caters to guests’ fitness needs. Furthermore, the inclusion of meeting rooms underscores the hotel’s capacity to host events and gatherings, while the parking garage provides convenient access for guests with vehicles.

While prioritizing functionality and guest satisfaction, it is noteworthy that the project will not pursue LEED or Energy Star certifications, nor will it seek NYSERDA rebates. While these certifications and incentives are often pursued to showcase environmental stewardship and capitalize on energy-saving opportunities, the project’s focus remains on delivering a high-quality hospitality experience without the additional requirements and considerations associated with certification processes.