Marisco Centro, Bronx, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS: 610 Exterior Street, Bronx, NY
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Architectural Solutions

Project Key Features

This projects consists of the complete space fit-out, utilizing base building service and utility provisions designed and installed by the Landlord in conjunction with the plans prepared by GEA for the tenant space core and shell work per lease requirements. Space consists of an existing demised vacant tenant space at the existing shopping mall in Bronx, NY set up to accommodate the new proposed Marisco Centro restaurant facility complete with dining rooms, bars, restrooms, kitchens, food preparation and serving areas, walk in low temperature boxes, etc. in accordance with restaurant’s requirements and LL/tenant lease criteria. The projects presented a variety of challenges due to the limited vertical clearances in conjunction with a myriad of base building mechanical and fire protection systems traversing the space, making their interior MEP/FP designs literally a “Swiss Watch” compact coordination and installation.