JFK South Conduit, Queens, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS:130-24 South Conduit Avenue, Queens, NY
OWNER/DEVELOPER:Triangle Equities
ARCHITECT/LEAD:Craft Architects

Project Key Features

The project entailed the development of a new 3-story warehouse building with sub-grade parking, designed to integrate warehouse space with distinct “cool and warm” storage zones. GEA provided comprehensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design and commissioning services for this 300,000-square-foot facility.

A key aspect of the project involved energy modeling to ensure compliance with the Department of Buildings (DOB) Energy Code. This effort aimed to optimize the building’s energy performance, addressing the diverse climate control needs of the different storage zones. The design incorporated advanced HVAC systems to maintain precise temperature conditions, necessary for both cool and warm storage environments.

This facility, set to be the first multi-story air cargo hub serving JFK Airport, was strategically positioned beside the Belt Parkway and linked to the combined ports of New York and New Jersey. The building was envisioned as a multi-tenant hub for air and industrial cargo, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to meet the logistical demands of the region. The integration of these elements aimed to create a highly efficient, state-of-the-art cargo facility, enhancing operational capabilities and connectivity for its users.