Hotel Indigo, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS:                     180 Orchard Street, New York, NY

Project Key Features

The project involved the comprehensive design of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and life safety systems for a newly constructed 17-story boutique hotel, offering approximately 131 rooms. Nestled in the lively Lower East Side of New York City, the hotel’s design sought to embody the neighborhood’s eclectic and artistic ambiance. Spanning an area of roughly 61,863 gross square feet, the hotel encompassed various amenities, including the lobby, reception area, bar/lounge facilities, rooftop lounge, spa/fitness area, staff quarters, and other essential service areas.

Inspired by the neighborhood’s dynamic culture, Hotel Indigo’s interior design showcased vibrant colors, contemporary furnishings, and locally inspired artwork, creating a distinctive atmosphere for guests. The rooftop bar provided guests with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, offering a chic and inviting space for social gatherings and relaxation. Additionally, the hotel offered two dining options: Mr. Purple, a rooftop restaurant and bar serving innovative cocktails and culinary delights, and the Lobby Café, providing a laid-back dining experience amidst a relaxed setting.

Through collaboration with Brack Capital Real Estate (BCRE) and IHG, the acquisition of 180 Orchard Street paved the way for the development of Hotel Indigo, introducing IHG’s upscale boutique hotel brand to the heart of the Lower East Side. This strategic partnership aimed to meet the increasing demand for distinctive and authentic hospitality experiences in dynamic urban environments. With a substantial investment of $46 million, the acquisition underscored the property’s value and potential within the competitive New York City real estate market, positioning Hotel Indigo as a premier destination for guests seeking modern amenities and upscale accommodations in the Lower East Side.