Homeport Cafe, Staten Island, NY 

Project Details

ADDRESS:  8 Navy Pier Court, Staten Island, NY 
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Ironstate Development
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  Minnow & Wasko Architects and Planners

Project Key Features

GEA played a pivotal role in providing engineering design services for the fit-out of URBY Cafe, situated within the broader Urby Staten Island project. Serving as the engineer of record for the entire project, GEA demonstrated its expertise by seamlessly integrating the Cafe’s systems into the overarching development. This involved meticulous coordination and collaboration to ensure that the Cafe’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems aligned seamlessly with the base project’s infrastructure.

By leveraging its comprehensive understanding of the project’s overarching design and engineering requirements, GEA was able to execute the fit-out of URBY Cafe with precision and efficiency. This encompassed a range of technical considerations, from HVAC system design to electrical wiring and plumbing configurations. GEA’s ability to navigate complex engineering challenges while maintaining consistency with the broader project objectives was instrumental in the successful completion of URBY Cafe.

Furthermore, GEA’s role as the engineer of record for the entire Urby Staten Island project provided a valuable foundation for integrating the Cafe’s systems. Drawing on its deep knowledge of the project’s architectural and engineering specifications, GEA ensured that the Cafe’s fit-out met the highest standards of quality, functionality, and regulatory compliance. As a result, URBY Cafe seamlessly complemented the overall development, contributing to its success as a vibrant and cohesive urban destination.