Halo Towers, Newark, NJ

Project Details

ADDRESS:  289-301 Washington St., Newark, NJ
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Hudson Meridien Construction Group

Project Key Features

The project involved the development of a new 36-story residential rental building, constructed from the ground up, and built on a podium structure with three levels and three mezzanines, totaling approximately 272,154 gross square feet. This building represented the first phase of a larger development project that included plans for two additional towers and an expanded podium in the subsequent phase.

GEA was tasked with providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEP/FP) design services for this substantial residential building. The process commenced with the provision of CAD plans from previously completed MEP/FP and low voltage (LV) construction documents. With the assumption that there were no significant architectural changes, GEA updated these construction documents to comply with the Newark Department of Buildings (DOB) requirements and for use during construction.

This phase of the project was critical in laying the groundwork for the future expansion, ensuring that the MEP/FP systems were designed with scalability and integration in mind. By meticulously updating the existing construction documents, GEA aimed to facilitate a smooth approval process and efficient execution during the construction phase, setting a strong foundation for the continuation of the larger development project.