Gateway Center, Brooklyn, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS:  Gateway Center Dr., Brooklyn, NY 11239
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Related Companies
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  Greenberg Farrow Architects (Phase I)
                                        Perkins Eastman (Phase II)

Project Key Features

Also known as Gateway North, this project encompasses a single-level and multi-level retail building, accompanied by parking facilities. Situated within a +/- 38 acre site nestled between the Belt Parkway and Flatlands Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, the project holds strategic importance due to its prime location and expansive scope.

The retail buildings, designed to accommodate various retail outlets and amenities, serve as focal points within the development. Adjacent parking facilities cater to the needs of visitors and patrons, providing convenient access to the retail spaces. The project’s location between major roadways offers high visibility and accessibility, further enhancing its appeal as a premier retail destination in the area.

Gateway North represents a significant investment in the Brooklyn neighborhood, offering a diverse array of retail options and amenities to residents and visitors alike. Its strategic location, coupled with its expansive size, positions the project as a prominent feature within the local landscape, contributing to the economic and social vitality of the surrounding community.