Eye Bank (120 Wall St), NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS:  120 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  The Eye Bank for Sight Restoration, Inc.

Project Key Features

GEA provided comprehensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, and fire alarm design services for the renovation project of the referenced tenant space. With the existing area encompassing 5,800 square feet and an additional 3,200 square feet being added, the total area requiring MEPS work amounted to 9,000 square feet.

For the HVAC system, GEA proposed reusing the existing AC unit located at the southwest corner of the space, complemented by all-new ductwork and controls. New AC units were specified for the added space, conference/meeting rooms, and the computer room. Zoning arrangements were established to accommodate 24/7 operation in the lab area, with a portion of the lab space equipped with positive pressure ventilation. Heating provisions included utilizing existing radiators for perimeter areas and introducing new heating for areas requiring nighttime and weekend heating.

In terms of plumbing, GEA designed a new toilet room and two lab sinks for the new space, along with relocating a kitchenette in the existing lab area. All plumbing connections were integrated into the existing risers on the floor. The sprinkler design entailed adding new heads to the existing system and adjusting existing heads to align with the new layout, ensuring compliance with applicable codes. Additionally, GEA provided new fire alarm devices to augment the existing fire alarm system. Electrically, new distribution systems were installed in both the new and existing areas, connecting to existing panels. Backup power options were limited to local UPS units, if requested, with all documents meticulously prepared to meet the requirements for filing with the NYC Department of Buildings and for construction purposes.