Congregation Habonim, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS:  44 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Congregation Habonim

Project Key Features

The project encompasses the meticulous planning and execution of the entire build-out process for a substantial 27,000 square feet area situated within a residential building, as specified in the address provided. Facilitated by Extell Development, recognized as the “Developer,” this initiative involves the holistic design and construction of the building, culminating in the delivery of a core and shell space to the Congregation.

Comprising a diverse array of facilities, the program is meticulously crafted to meet the multifaceted needs of the community. These facilities include a Sanctuary space, intended as a sacred and communal area for congregation members, alongside a dedicated social space designed to foster interaction and community engagement. Furthermore, provisions are made for a preschool, meeting rooms to facilitate congregational gatherings, a library for educational pursuits, a chapel for contemplative activities, and administrative offices to support the operational functions of the congregation.

Strategically positioned at the base of a newly erected residential tower, this space holds a significant historical and spatial context. It occupies the former footprint of the congregation and adjacent office buildings, symbolizing a continuation of communal presence and activity in the evolving urban landscape.