Central Queens Academy, Queens, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS: 86-55 Queens Blvd., Queens, NY 11373
OWNER/DEVELOPER: Grand Construction & Development Group
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Gluck+ Architects

Project Key Features

The project entails the fit-out of the new Central Queens Academy elementary and middle school, serving grades K through 8, at the specified address. The total area of the facility is approximately 76,350 square feet, distributed across three floors as follows: 5,918 square feet on the 1st floor, and 35,217 square feet each on the 3rd and 4th floors. Designed to accommodate a student population of approximately 900, with a total population including teachers and administrators reaching 1,100, the project aims to provide a conducive learning environment for a diverse community.

The scope of the project encompasses various spaces tailored to support the educational needs and activities of the school. This includes (40) core classrooms, (2) science lite classrooms, (2) science heavy classrooms, (2) art classrooms, (2) music classrooms, and (1) dance/fitness room. Additionally, the facility will feature (7) small instructional spaces, along with various offices, a nurse’s office suite, toilet rooms, reception and administrative offices, a warming pantry, and a teacher’s workroom. Notably, the school will also house a gymnasium and cafeteria to facilitate physical education and dining activities, as well as storage areas to accommodate equipment and supplies.

Through the comprehensive fit-out of the Central Queens Academy, the project endeavors to create a supportive and enriching educational environment for students, teachers, and administrators alike. By providing a diverse array of functional spaces tailored to the school’s curriculum and activities, the facility aims to foster holistic development and academic excellence within the community it serves.