Bnei Zion of Bobov #2, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS:  1360 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Congregation Beis Shloime
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  Mark Mariscal Architect

Project Key Features

The project entails the construction of a new school building situated at the specified location, poised to significantly enhance educational infrastructure within the vicinity. Spanning across a substantial area, the building is projected to encompass approximately 214,489 gross square feet distributed across eight floors, in addition to subcellar and cellar spaces. This expansive layout reflects a comprehensive approach to accommodating diverse educational facilities and auxiliary spaces essential for a thriving learning environment.

Central to the design program are key amenities tailored to enrich the educational experience and cater to multifaceted student needs. Noteworthy features include an indoor swimming pool, indicative of a holistic approach to promoting physical well-being and recreational opportunities within the school community. Moreover, the inclusion of two full kitchens underscores a commitment to culinary excellence and nutritional standards, facilitating the provision of nutritious meals for students and staff alike.

Additionally, the building’s design encompasses various specialized facilities conducive to both academic and extracurricular pursuits. These encompass an auditorium for assemblies and performances, exercise rooms to promote physical fitness, and multiple sanctuaries distributed across different floors to accommodate diverse religious and spiritual needs. Additionally, classrooms, lunchrooms, and gang bathrooms are strategically integrated to ensure functional coherence and operational efficiency, supported by various auxiliary areas catering to logistical and administrative requirements. Through meticulous planning and design, the project aims to create a conducive and inclusive educational environment poised to nurture academic excellence and holistic development among students.