BKSK’s Offices, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS:  230 W 38th St 16th floor, New York, NY 10018

Project Key Features

GEA played a pivotal role in the realization of BKSK’s new offices on West 38th Street by providing MEP and FP engineering design services. Leveraging their expertise, GEA ensured that the MEP and FP systems seamlessly integrated with BKSK’s design vision, allowing their distinctive elements to shine. This collaboration facilitated the creation of a dynamic and functional workspace that reflected BKSK’s architectural identity and design ethos.

Inspired by the design elements showcased on BKSK’s website, GEA’s engineering design complemented the aesthetic features of the office space. For example, GEA’s MEP design facilitated the integration of state-of-the-art lighting fixtures and HVAC systems, which harmonized with BKSK’s emphasis on sustainable and energy-efficient design solutions. Additionally, GEA’s expertise in fire protection engineering ensured that safety measures were discreetly incorporated, preserving the clean and modern aesthetic of BKSK’s interiors.

Through close collaboration with BKSK’s design team, GEA tailored the MEP and FP systems to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of the office space. This synergy allowed for the seamless integration of key features highlighted on the website, such as the open floor plan, flexible workspaces, and the use of natural materials. By aligning their engineering solutions with BKSK’s design intent, GEA contributed to the creation of a workspace that not only met functional requirements but also celebrated the firm’s architectural identity and design philosophy.