Admirals Row, Brooklyn, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS:  Brookly Navy Yard, Brooklyn NY 11205
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  S9 Architecture

Project Key Features

Admirals Row encompasses two parcels located within the Brooklyn Navy Yard and one at the Sands Site, situated north of the Admirals Row Site. The project encompasses a diverse mix of amenities, including a supermarket, community facility, retail spaces, and a timber shed, aimed at serving the needs of the surrounding community while revitalizing the area.

A key aspect of the project is its commitment to sustainability, evident through several green initiatives incorporated into its design and development. These initiatives include energy modeling and ComCheck for Department of Buildings (DOB) compliance, ensuring that the project meets energy efficiency standards and regulations. Additionally, a Green Building master plan has been implemented for LEED Neighborhood Development, incorporating LEED specifications and checklists to promote environmentally responsible practices and enhance the overall sustainability of the project.

By integrating green initiatives into its design and development process, Admirals Row demonstrates a commitment to creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious urban environment. Through energy-efficient practices and green building strategies, the project aims to minimize its environmental footprint while creating a vibrant and resilient community space for residents and visitors alike.