959 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS: 959 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

Project Key Features

GEA provided full MEP/FP fit-out for a new 7-story residential building with two sub-cellar floors, totaling approximately 180,000 gsf, located within a landmarks district. Sub-cellar 2 consisted of 23,463 gsf of parking space and 7,153 sf of community facility space, including a gym with a basketball court. Sub-cellar 1 featured residential amenity space and an open area overlooking the gym below. Floors one through seven housed residential units.

The project included the complete MEP/FP design for all tenant amenity areas, such as the lobby, lounges, gym, and laundry rooms. GEA also designed the MEP/FP systems to support the automated parking garage. The integration of these systems ensured optimal functionality and efficiency throughout the building. The design incorporated sustainable building practices, aligning with the project’s goal to achieve LEED certification, emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Key architectural features included a modern façade designed by Morris Adjmi, characterized by large windows and brick cladding that complemented the historical context of Crown Heights. The building featured a landscaped courtyard, rooftop terraces, and communal outdoor spaces that promoted a sense of community among residents. The “warm dark shell” design of the community facility space in the sub-cellar provided a foundational framework for future fit-out while maintaining flexibility for the space’s eventual use. The project’s location within a landmarks district required careful coordination with historical preservation guidelines, ensuring that the new construction respected and harmonized with the area’s architectural heritage..