95-101 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS: 95 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Karl Fischer Architect

Project Key Features

In the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this 8-story residential building boasts approximately 360,000 square feet of high-end rental property. Spearheading the engineering aspects of this architectural marvel, GEA provided comprehensive MEP and fire protection services, ensuring seamless integration of essential systems to support the residents’ needs.

GEA’s expertise in MEP and fire protection engineering is evident throughout the building’s design and construction. From the intricate layout of ductwork and piping to the strategic placement of fire suppression systems, GEA’s meticulous approach ensures optimal functionality and safety standards are met.

As residents enjoy the luxurious amenities and comforts of this modern rental property, GEA’s MEP and fire protection systems work tirelessly behind the scenes, providing efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions while prioritizing fire safety measures. By entrusting GEA with the critical task of engineering these essential systems, the developers of this residential complex have ensured a superior living experience for its occupants, blending comfort, safety, and sustainability seamlessly.