40 10th Avenue, NYC - Solar Carve

Project Details

ADDRESS: 40 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY
OWNER/DEVELOPER: William Gottlieb Real Estate & Aurora Capital
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Studio Gang Architects

Project Key Features

The project involved the development of a new 11-story mixed-use building featuring an open amenity roof deck and an access lobby located at the 12th level. Designed to accommodate retail spaces, office spaces, and a potential restaurant space, the building was constructed to industry-standard “white box” levels of completion. Additionally, a full cellar was incorporated into the design, intended for retail and storage purposes, as well as utility rooms and other ancillary support areas essential for building operations.

As part of its sustainability efforts, the project actively pursued LEED Gold certification, incorporating various green initiatives throughout its design. These included the implementation of a green roof to promote environmental sustainability and mitigate urban heat island effects. Furthermore, high-performance glazing was utilized to optimize natural daylighting within the building, enhancing energy efficiency and occupant comfort while reducing reliance on artificial lighting sources. These sustainable features underscored the project’s commitment to environmental responsibility and contributed to its overall design integrity.