3801 Fort Hamilton Parkway, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS:  3801 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Yeshiva Kehilath Yakov
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  Studio Gallos

Project Key Features

The project involves the construction of a new school building at the specified location. Spanning approximately 75,000 gross square feet across five floors, in addition to subcellar and cellar spaces, the building aims to cater to the educational needs of the community. The programmatic layout includes a community center and full kitchen in the subcellar, alongside mechanical and ancillary spaces. On the first floor, classrooms, lunch rooms, two kitchens, multiple lobbies, and bathrooms will be provided to facilitate various activities. Additionally, floors 2 through 5 will accommodate classrooms, bathrooms, and support spaces essential for the school’s operations.

With a comprehensive approach to design and functionality, the new school building is envisioned to serve as a hub for learning and community engagement. By integrating essential facilities such as classrooms, lunch rooms, and support spaces across multiple floors, the building aims to optimize space utilization and create a conducive environment for academic and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, the inclusion of a community center and full kitchen underscores the building’s versatility, providing opportunities for social gatherings and culinary experiences that enrich the overall educational experience for students and community members alike. Through careful planning and execution, the project seeks to enhance educational opportunities and foster community connections within the designated area.