347 Bowery, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS: 347 Bowery, NYC
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Selldorf Architects

Project Key Features

The project consisted of a 13-story, five-unit residential building located in the East Village. The structure measured 27,472 square feet and rose 148 feet to the roof. The design included 8,439 square feet of retail space spanning from the cellar through to the second floor. The residential units comprised a mix of duplexes and triplexes, providing varied and spacious living arrangements.

Key architectural features of the building included a robust façade that balanced modern aesthetics with the historic character of the East Village. Large windows were a prominent design element, allowing abundant natural light to penetrate the interiors and offering expansive views of the surrounding neighborhood. GEA’s MEP design played a crucial role in managing this light exposure. Advanced HVAC systems were designed to maintain optimal indoor climate conditions, compensating for the heat gain from the extensive glazing. 

The inclusion of retail space on the lower floors aimed to integrate the building seamlessly into the vibrant street life of the East Village. The design emphasized sustainability and energy efficiency, with advanced building systems and materials selected to reduce environmental impact. GEA’s MEP design not only ensured a comfortable living environment despite the large windows but also contributed to the building’s overall energy performance. This project represented a harmonious blend of contemporary design and urban functionality, enhancing the architectural landscape of the East Village.