316 Huguenot Street, New Rochelle, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS: 316 Huguenot Street aka 33 Westchester Place, New Rochelle, NY
OWNER/DEVELOPER: Allstate Ventures
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Fogarty Finger Architects

Project Key Features

GEA provided full MEP/FP fit-out for a new 26-27 story rental residential building with a full cellar and sub-cellar, totaling approximately 317,847 gsf. The project included 42,623 sf of parking located on the sub-cellar, cellar, ground, second, and third floors. A retail space totaling 3,769 sf was designed for the ground and cellar floors. Tenant amenity spaces totaling 17,765 sf were planned for the ground floor, ground floor mezzanine, third floor mezzanine, and rooftop. The upper floors consisted of residential units, with a potential amenity floor, totaling approximately 322 mixed-type units and 198,576 sf.

The scope of work included the complete MEP/FP design for all tenant amenity areas, such as the lobby, lounges, gym, laundry rooms, and other common spaces. The project also included the design of MEP systems for the pool and pool areas, which integrated with pool filtration, drainage, and pool heating systems designed by others. This comprehensive approach ensured seamless integration of all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems, optimizing both functionality and energy efficiency.

Additionally, GEA managed the submission of the project to the NYS Clean Heat Program, aimed at supporting New York State’s goals for a low carbon future. The program, in partnership with NYSERDA and New York electric utilities, offers incentives to make heat pumps more affordable and accessible. GEA determined the best rebate path for the project and coordinated the submission of documentation to Con Edison or the respective utility partner, ensuring compliance and maximizing the project’s sustainability credentials.