263 South 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS: 263 South 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY
OWNER/DEVELOPER: Charney Construction
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Fogarty Finger Architects

Project Key Features

GEA provided comprehensive MEP and FP services for the new 22-story residential rental building, which spanned approximately 319,000 gsf. The project included office and retail space on the first five floors and 178 apartments on floors six through twenty-two, each averaging 684 sf. The design and implementation of MEP systems were tailored to meet the mixed-use nature of the building, ensuring efficient and reliable service to both commercial and residential areas.

The project also involved the integration of the existing 16,700 sf landmarked Dime Savings Bank into the commercial component. This integration required careful coordination to preserve the historical elements of the bank while incorporating modern mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. The MEP design had to be seamlessly blended with the architectural features of the landmarked structure, maintaining its integrity and functionality.

The MEP and FP systems were designed to support the building’s diverse requirements, including advanced HVAC solutions for both commercial and residential spaces. Detailed attention was given to the heating, cooling, and ventilation needs, particularly in the mixed-use areas, to ensure optimal indoor air quality and energy efficiency. The fire protection systems were meticulously planned to meet all safety standards, providing robust protection for both the new construction and the historic bank structure.