263 E 203rd St, Bronx, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS:  263 East 203rd Street, Bronx, NY
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  Bolivar Development LLC

Project Key Features

GEA provided comprehensive MEP and FP engineering design services for a new 6-story charter school, totaling 90,149 gsf, constructed from the ground up without a cellar. The facility incorporates a full kitchen and a double-height basketball court spanning the 5th and 6th floors. The HVAC system was designed with high-efficiency Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems to ensure optimal thermal comfort throughout the school while promoting energy efficiency. Specialized zones within the HVAC system accommodate varying usage patterns and occupancy levels, particularly in areas like the kitchen and the basketball court.

The electrical design supported the school’s technological infrastructure, including advanced computer labs, multimedia classrooms, and extensive network systems. The power distribution system features multiple sub-panels and dedicated circuits to handle high electrical load demands, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power supply. Energy-efficient LED fixtures with automated controls for daylight harvesting were implemented to enhance both energy savings and occupant comfort. Plumbing systems were meticulously designed to meet the demands of a full-service kitchen and numerous restrooms, ensuring consistent water pressure and temperature throughout the building.

Fire protection systems were developed in strict compliance with safety codes, featuring a comprehensive sprinkler system with strategically placed heads to ensure full coverage, including double-height spaces. Fire alarm systems with advanced smoke and heat detectors, as well as manual pull stations, were installed throughout the facility. Specialized spaces such as science labs, art rooms, and a library were equipped with dedicated MEP systems to support their unique needs, exemplifying GEA’s expertise in delivering technically sophisticated and highly functional solutions for educational facilities.