262 Fifth Avenue, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS:  262 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY  10001
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  Meganom and SLCE Architects

Project Key Features

The project entails the construction of a new luxury condominium building, encompassing approximately 135,206 gross square feet across 60 floors, inclusive of two cellars. The building’s design incorporates three floors of parking spread across the two cellars and the first floor, catering to residents’ parking needs. Notably, many of the apartments will feature duplex or double-height configurations, adding a dynamic dimension to the living spaces. Additionally, the building will house several mechanical floors to accommodate essential infrastructure.

A standout feature of the project is the top floor quadplex, which will boast an infinity pool, offering residents a luxurious and exclusive amenity with breathtaking views. To complement these premium amenities, the proposal includes a full MEP/FP fitout for all tenant amenity areas, such as the lobby, lounges, gym, and laundry rooms. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that residents enjoy unparalleled comfort and convenience in every aspect of their living environment.

Furthermore, the project encompasses the full MEP/FP design for a potential automated parking garage, reflecting a commitment to modernity and innovation. This design element enhances the building’s functionality and efficiency, providing residents with seamless access to parking facilities. By integrating cutting-edge MEP/FP systems and amenities, the new luxury condominium building sets a new standard for contemporary urban living, promising residents a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort, convenience, and sophistication.