2413 Third Avenue, Bronx, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS:  2413 Third Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  CetraRuddy Architecture DPC

Project Key Features

GEA provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, low voltage, and fire protection design and commissioning services for this 27-story residential building. The 297-foot-tall, 224,362-square-foot building was comprised of over 200 residences, with 30 percent designated as affordable housing, featuring an average unit size of 822 square feet. The steel-based structure also included retail and parking spaces and housed a 30-foot-long rear yard. Being located in a flood zone, special attention was given to the design of MEP systems, flood gates, and storm drainage strategies in case of a flood emergency.

This residential building posed significant challenges for GEA. Situated adjacent to the Harlem River, one major challenge was that the design flood elevation exceeded the ground floor, necessitating a reevaluation of traditional cellar utility rooms and Points of Entry. Working closely with civil consultants, flood protection experts, and architects, GEA developed a MEP system design which optimized cellar space usage and relocated MEP components above the Design Flood Elevation to the second floor. Another challenge was the decision to house all VRF Air Cooled Condensing units on mechanical balconies on each floor, requiring careful coordination with acoustic consultants and architects.

In addressing these challenges, GEA demonstrated their expertise and ingenuity in delivering resilient and sustainable infrastructure. By overcoming design constraints and fostering collaborative partnerships, the project aimed to establish a new standard for flood-resilient urban development while enhancing the quality of life for its residents.