200 East 75th Street, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS: 200 East 75th Street, NYC
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects

Project Key Features

GEA provided a full MEP/FP fit-out for a new 20-story luxury residential condominium with a total area of approximately 105,000 gsf. Located at the address listed above, the building included commercial space on the ground floor and cellar level, designed to meet the demands of an innovative and modern market with distinctive design and amenities.

The scope of work encompassed all tenant amenity areas, including the lobby, lounges, gym, laundry rooms, and other designated spaces. The design aimed to integrate seamlessly with the building’s architectural features, ensuring a cohesive and functional environment for residents.

The MEP systems were designed to optimize energy efficiency and occupant comfort. The fire protection system included comprehensive sprinkler and fire alarm designs, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and enhancing overall building security. The project emphasized a modern approach, incorporating advanced technologies and systems to meet the high standards expected in luxury residential developments.