157 W 57 St - Apt. Renovations

Project Details

ADDRESS:  157 West 57th Street, #80th, New York, NY 10019
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  Brian O’Keefe Architect, P.C.

Project Key Features

At the heart of GEA’s MEP design for this Penthouse Condo within One 57 lies the innovative integration of electric humidifiers and water-source heat pumps, setting new standards for comfort and sustainability.

Electric humidifiers, strategically deployed throughout the residence, ensure optimal humidity levels, particularly in spaces like the Master Bathroom with its Spa shower and Steam room. This precision control not only enhances comfort but also promotes a healthier indoor environment conducive to relaxation and well-being.

In tandem with electric humidifiers, water-source heat pumps play a pivotal role in maintaining energy efficiency. These cutting-edge systems leverage the thermal properties of water to provide both heating and cooling, offering residents year-round comfort while minimizing environmental impact.

By combining electric humidifiers and water-source heat pumps, GEA delivers a comprehensive MEP solution that prioritizes sustainability without compromising on luxury. Residents can enjoy the ultimate in comfort and convenience, knowing that their home is equipped with state-of-the-art technology designed for optimal performance and efficiency.