140 Essex Street, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS:  140 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002
OWNER/DEVELOPER:  L+M Development Partners
ARCHITECT/LEAD:  Beyer Blinder Belle Architects

Project Key Features

GEA played a pivotal role in providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection design, and commissioning services for the construction of an affordable senior housing building at 140 Essex Street. This project was essential in addressing the pressing need for accessible housing options for low-income seniors. Our technical expertise ensured that the building’s MEP and fire protection systems were designed and implemented to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

The building comprised 84 affordable studios tailored to meet the unique needs of low-income seniors. Alongside the living quarters, GEA’s meticulous design incorporated essential amenities to enhance residents’ quality of life. These amenities included a fully equipped fitness center, on-site laundry facilities for added convenience, a welcoming resident’s lounge conducive to social interaction, and an outdoor terrace providing a tranquil retreat amidst the urban setting.

By integrating state-of-the-art MEP systems and thoughtful amenities, the building aimed to create a comfortable and supportive living environment for its residents. GEA’s commitment to technical excellence ensured that the project met rigorous standards while remaining affordable and accessible to seniors in need. This endeavor represented a significant milestone in addressing the housing challenges faced by low-income seniors, contributing to the creation of a more inclusive and equitable community.