1164 River Avenue, Bronx, NY

Project Details

ADDRESS: 1164 River Avenue, Bronx, NY
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Aufgang Architects

Project Key Features

GEA provided comprehensive MEP and FP services for a new mixed-use building totaling approximately 524,000 gsf. The project included cellar parking, commercial space on the first and second floors, and two low-income residential towers of 17 and 19 stories.

The MEP systems were designed to accommodate the building’s diverse uses, ensuring efficient operation across commercial and residential spaces. HVAC solutions were implemented to provide optimal climate control and energy efficiency, while plumbing systems were tailored to meet the needs of both commercial tenants and residential occupants. Fire protection systems were meticulously planned to ensure the safety of all building users.

The project pursued certification under the Enterprise Green Communities program for multi-family high-rise buildings, incorporating sustainable design practices throughout. GEA’s energy modeling supported the building’s efforts to achieve an Energy Star rating, contributing to reduced energy consumption and enhanced environmental performance.