11 North Moore, NYC

Project Details

ADDRESS: 11 North Moore, New York, NY
ARCHITECT/LEAD: Morris Adjmi Architects

Project Key Features

At 11 North Moore, GEA played a pivotal role by providing MEP and fire protection engineering design services, ensuring the seamless integration of essential systems. One notable feature is the utilization of a VRF Split System, carefully engineered to optimize climate control efficiency while maintaining the luxurious ambiance of the condominium. This advanced HVAC technology offers residents personalized comfort and energy savings, enhancing their overall living experience.

GEA’s expertise in MEP and fire protection engineering design ensured that the VRF Split System was seamlessly integrated into the building’s infrastructure. By meticulously planning the layout and installation of the system, GEA maximized space utilization and operational efficiency. This strategic approach aligns with the condominium’s commitment to delivering high-end amenities and top-tier services to its discerning residents.

The incorporation of the VRF Split System reflects 11 North Moore’s dedication to innovation and sustainability in luxury living. By partnering with GEA for MEP and fire protection engineering design services, the condominium achieved a harmonious balance of cutting-edge technology and elegant design, further solidifying its reputation as a premier residential destination in the heart of the city.