Local Law 97 and its Impact on New Construction

April 6, 2021

Are you thinking about the effect that Local Law 97, NYC's Climate Mobilization Act, will have on your new or under construction building?

A lot has been spoken about existing buildings and upgrading HVAC and envelope systems. Not as much has been discussed about new construction. Given the significant trend toward the use of VRF systems for HVAC, the installation of boilers to heat buildings has been greatly reduced. Thus, a large component of potential carbon emissions has been eliminated. Several recent examples include changing from gas PTACs to electric VRF PTACs, providing “hydro kits” to supply domestic hot water from VRF condensers and switching from gas rooftop units for corridors to VRF rooftops. There are so many more electric options for new construction projects than there were just one year ago! For the full code text, click here!