GEA Projects in the News: Dime Savings Bank Lays its Foundation

March 7, 2018
Construction has moved quickly on the Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg! Excavation has made significant progress and foundation work has begun at the northeast corner of the site. Additionally, earlier last month, the Landmark Preservation Commission accepted the proposed design of the new residential tower, as well as hearings about designating the historic building as a new landmark! Located right by the first exit of the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn, the 248-foot tall tower will be fused with the 110-year-old bank building and together they will yield 350,000 square feet of space of which GEA is providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design services! Completion remains on track for the middle of 2019! For the full story, go to New York Yimby.